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Donna Gerardi, Spiritual Counselor
Welcome to Clear Path to Joy and the work of Donna Gerardi!

As a Spiritual Counselor, I work with my clients to awaken to the awe of everyday living.  Our lives are meant to be lived fully and in harmony with the Divine—in JOY!

I believe the ability to expand and transform is limited only by one's current beliefs.  My spiritual counseling practice is solution-oriented and designed to empower you in releasing limiting beliefs and habits and get you on a clear path to joyful living.

It is possible to effectively shift the way you think and experience yourself in the world around you. Each of us has variables that make us operate at a "default setting".  Your "default setting" may keep you functioning lower than your ideal.  No matter how your current pattern of vulnerabilities are negatively impacting you today, you can be confidant that you do not have to be stuck at an unhappy or unsatisfying default setting.

The same recurring problems don't have to continue to take up your time and bog you down. It really is possible to feel vitally connected to the life you want in a meaningful way; life was meant to be lived with energy and a sense of connection to ourselves, our work and those around us. Anything less is not real health, happiness or joy. 

As your Spiritual Counselor, coach and mentor, I am here to help you sort through any challenges you may be facing, and together bring your experience back to harmony, balance and wholeness—a Clear Path to Joy.

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Donna M. Gerardi, RScP
Licensed Science of Mind Professional Practitioner

"There is a power for good
in the Universe,
greater than you are-
and you can use it." 
-Ernest Holmes

Find out how the Power of this work
can transform your life!

Clear Path to Joy
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