Clear Path to Joy - Spiritual Counseling in Harmony with All Faiths

"Donna is a powerful member of my "awakening" team, who is one of the most unconditionally loving and attentive people I've ever worked with! She gently and easily identifies my bottom-line issues and needs and puts them into a powerful healing and uplifting prayer that centers and grounds me in the REAL truth of who I AM!  Since I've also been fortunate to be in some of her classes, her style there too is most conducive to group learning, fun and easy participation!    What a gift you are Donna!  Thank you!"
I.B., San Diego

"You know how this world can is fast and left brained and technological and stressful...we can sometimes barely keep up...and slowly the places where we are invited to slow down, stop, say more, feel more...are dwindling.  Yet, that is what I felt with Donna.  Time stopped and all that mattered was my fully expressing what was ‘up’ for me in my life.  And she got me!  Turned it all into the most beautiful prayer that completely expressed what I had expressed to her...I was heard, and it mattered, a lot."
K.L., San Diego

"Donna is an exceptional spirit. Just being in her presence is calming and comforting. Finishing a session with her gave me a feeling of peace that I hadn't known in a very long time. Peace is something that I had been striving for and I can't explain how wonderful it feels. Thank you Donna for coming into my life, I am eternally grateful for you."
T.E., Escondido

"My experience was both instructive and enlightening.  Donna provided safe boundaries along with her encouraging guidance.  Her observations and intuitive insights helped me to explore what was possible."
A.K., San Diego

"Donna's loving nature and soothing voice helped me get beyond the fear of what would happen if I let go of a long-held resentment and forgave another soul. I experienced relief and peace; showing me the fear was unfounded. I moved beyond it into understanding and gratitude."
C.M., San Diego

"More than a therapist, Donna is a maternal, loving and tender angel of guidance and inspiration. She instantly makes you feel comfortable to speak candidly and truly open up. I feel truly heard during our times together as she is completely present and acknowledging to my words whether in a call for help and guidance or simply to celebrate the good in my life. She creates a beautiful environment, and with her open heart and loving Spirit guides me to be a better, more joyous, abundant person. Her intensive education coupled with her lifetime experiences always brings me great insight to my prayer needs and educates me to articulate my desires, to ask, to be open, and to allow and receive. To know and work with Donna is nothing less than a joyous gift. A gift I hope you will accept and receive."
R. L., San Diego

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