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What is a Licensed Professional Practitioner (RScP)?
A Licensed Professional Practitioner is a Spiritual Counselor and Mentor--almost like a coach; one who is trained to work with you to help you discover any limiting beliefs you may hold about a particular situation and to help you learn how to make your life better.

A private, confidential Practitioner counseling session can help you understand any challenges you are experiencing and help uncover their possible causes. Sometimes you are too close to a situation to have an objective viewpoint; working with a professional Practitioner can help you work through these situations and learn how to sustain positive results into the future.

RScP is the designation given a Licensed Professional Practitioner from Centers for Spiritual Living (Science of Mind communities), and it literally means "Religious Science Practitioner." This designation enables a Practitioner to do spiritual counseling sessions, teach classes and workshops, facilitate retreats, speak at events, officiate at ceremonies, and perform other types of spiritual work after an intensive four-year course of study in philosophy, Universal principles, spiritual practices, and interpersonal skills. 

Practitioners follow a strict professional code of ethics, take continuing education classes, and provide sacred service to their community to retain their license as a Professional Practitioner.  Licenses are renewed every two years.

When would I see a Practitioner for a spiritual counseling session?
All of us can get caught up in very real human experiences of illness or disease, relationship difficulties, food and weight issues, discontent with life circumstances, career challenges, concerns about money, and the like. When these types of difficulties arise, it is especially helpful to see a Practitioner for a spiritual counseling session. While understanding the human condition, the Practitioner continues to see the wholeness in each situation and the perfection in each individual at all times.
Many people choose to meet with a Practitioner only once or twice, when faced with a specific challenge.  Others work with a Practitioner regularly to grow and deepen in spiritual awareness and individual healing.  When in crisis or experiencing loss, it is particularly helpful to see a Practitioner for individualized spiritual counseling sessions regularly over a period of time.

It is also a joyful experience to work with a Practitioner when life is going well and you just want it to keep going that way!  Practitioners love to celebrate life's pleasures and successes with you. 

What can I expect in a spiritual counseling session?
RESULTS!!  The Practitioner teaches spiritual principles, that when applied to our daily affairs through prayer and other spiritual practices, change our lives for the better. 

As a Licensed Professional Practitioner I am available to meet with you in person or over the phone for an individual counseling session.

This session includes the following:
  • We settle in with a centering prayer, setting an intention for how our session with unfold.
  • You tell me what challenges or conditions in your life you want to change and what you want to experience instead.  I listen.  
  • Together we’ll uncover any limiting beliefs and false ideas that may be operating in your life.
  • I may suggest spiritual practices or explain spiritual principles to support and solidify what has been revealed in our session. 
  • Finally, I will close our session with a powerful "Affirmative Prayer” that speaks to the quality or qualities you want to accept into your life and replace any limiting beliefs with beliefs that support your intentions for living a joyful life. 
  • We part on this uplifting note. 

What is "Affirmative Prayer?"
Affirmative Prayer is taught and used at Centers for Spiritual Living. It directly applies the Science of Mind and Spirit philosophy with demonstrable results in one's life.  Its five steps can be easily learned in a Practitioner session and effectively used at home.

Affirmative prayer brings our thinking and feeling into alignment with the Truth that infinite Good is in and all around us in the form of love, harmony, peace, wellness, abundance, prosperity, joy and any other good we can imagine. 

What is the cost?
In private practice, a Practitioner, like any other licensed professional, receives a fee for his or her time, training, and skill in providing a service.

My fee for individual spiritual counseling is $85.00 per session, lasting from 60 to 90 minutes.  Couples and group rates vary.  Please inquire.

Where do we meet?
My office is conveniently located off I-5 near Mission Bay.

                              4295 Gesner Street, Suite 3C-1
                                   San Diego, CA 92117

To arrange another meeting place, or for a private phone session, please contact me. 

Do I have to come from a certain faith tradition or philosophy?
Absolutely not!  The type of Spiritual Counseling we will do together is compatible with all faith traditions.  We simply work with universal spiritual principles that have been passed on through the ages to make your life exactly what you want it to be.

What other services do you offer?
  • Speaking at Sunday services at CSL Centers
  • Wedding or Holy Union Ceremonies
  • Memorial Services
  • Baby Blessings
  • Home or Business Blessings
  • Life Visioning Sessions

How may I get in touch with you?
There are several ways you can contact me:
1.  Use the "Contact Donna" form on this website
2.  Email me at:
3.  Leave a voice mail at: 619-892-2153
4.  Text me at: 619-892-2153
5.  Send me a message on Facebook

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